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Strategic Acquisitions

Strategy Check

Setting out clear objectives and rationale for any acquisition is proportional to successful deal closure and value creation. Berd Capital works with businesses to determine innovative growth strategies through both synergistic and opportunistic acquisitions, whether this means increasing market share, accessing new products and technologies, or plain reducing competition and excess capacity from industry.

We actively collaborate with our partners to explore growth opportunities along horizontal and vertical chains and through consolidation, carefully assessing such priority areas as expected value output, minimum profitability hurdle, leadership and cultural synergy, brand impact, market outlook, target company size and industry segment.

Search and Assessment

Operating at the intersection of M&A and private equity markets, Berd Capital maintains ongoing relationships with established and emerging players across industries, keeping abreast of market developments and transformational changes. We identify and shortlist target companies against set acquisition criteria and consult prospects on operations, business strategy, growth opportunities and financial data to determine suitability. Being a third-party to the process, we engage business owners from a relatively neutral position, hence nurturing trust and credibility in the transaction.


Berd Capital supports clients in their negotiations with the seller, assisting with intricate due diligence aspects of the deal and proactively managing communication and the brand strategy for both the acquiring and the acquired company.

Throughout the execution phase, we maintain an agile and collaborative approach helping parties to effectively navigate roadblocks and to achieve agreed milestones. We offer human capital and technological resources to facilitate a successful transaction within timelines.