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Growth Capital

Investment Approach

Berd Capital makes minority equity investments at attractive valuations in thriving private companies with significant growth opportunities to take the company to the next level. We aim to partner with existing founders, entrepreneurs and management teams, and keep them in place, while adding value through our deep industry experience, market insight and catalyst networks.

Investee Profile

Berd’s growth capital investment strategy is geared towards companies beyond early stage with revenues upwards of $2 million. Typical scenarios for Berd Capital to get involved include but are not limited to:

– Fast growing companies with limited financial and managerial resources
– Capital to increase capacity
– Capital for market development
– Acquisition and/or consolidation
– Financial restructuring of highly leveraged but otherwise healthy business
– Family owned business in succession

While we do remain, in principle, open to investment opportunities in any given industry, we prefer allocating growth capital to companies operating primarily in consumer, leisure, retail (CLR), healthcare or technology space. Our experience in these sectors enables us to make informed investment decisions bringing along valuable relationships to benefit our portfolio companies.