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Buyout Fund

Diversified Fund

Berd Capital invests in profitable, high quality small to medium-sized private companies with ample growth potential in North America and Europe. We are generalists and will consider deploying short and long-term equity capital in businesses operating in various industries, provided we can establish a clear rationale for such investments. We offer increased flexibility when structuring a transaction and support our portfolio companies with the resources and expertise they need to achieve their full potential.

Investment Approach

Berd Capital manages its fund on a deal-by-deal basis. We work with a diverse pool of investing partners with whom we have built strong relationships. This model provides us with flexibility and discretion to access and structure deals without the constraints posed by traditional funds, and on terms we believe best suit our investors’ unique needs. While we do offer patient capital to achieve long-term business goals, we employ a nimble and disciplined management approach to realize above-average returns with limited risk.