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Asset Sales & Acquisition

Buying, Selling, Investing

Berd Capital works with property owners helping them assess and sell their real estate assets for the highest value and in the shortest period of time. We also assist developers in their search for suitable property for various residential and commercial development projects.

Leveraging our expertise and knowledge of the real estate marketplace, the regulatory environment as well as valuable connections in the industry, we assist property owners to achieve optimum valuation and high probability for deal closure. We analyze key factors underlying any given transaction and apply proven strategies to maximize property value and to contain transaction costs and downside risk.

Berd Capital actively advises investors seeking to build, grow or restructure their real estate portfolio through targeted property acquisition or disposal of assets.

Custom Solutions

Berd Capital offers tailored solutions to investors and developers purchasing or disposing assets such as vacant land, residential and commercial property (e.g. hotels, resorts, retail and office space).

With access to a growing database of international investors, developers and corporates actively engaged in real estate transactions, Berd Capital is well positioned to quickly identify and vet qualified buyers and sellers of property. We are skilled in identifying hidden opportunities and vigorously negotiate deal terms, pricing, financing, and coordinate cumbersome legal and technical activities to facilitate successful transactions.

Whether you are buying or selling property, we perform thorough analysis, evaluate all options and provide you with the right tools for optimal decision-making.