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Berd Capital partners with leading developers, private and institutional investors to bring forward high quality development projects ranging from residential and mixed use to commercial properties. Our specialties include townhomes, manors, low-rise, boutique retail plazas, recreational and high-end custom properties.

We work with professionals coming from established and trendsetting architectural firms, engineering and construction organizations who possess an excellent understanding of the competencies required to implement complex, time-driven projects.

Joint Ventures

We work with active and passive investors to transform our vision into reality. Drawing upon all relevant expertise throughout our organization and partner network, we thoroughly analyze each real estate opportunity to develop the right vehicle aligning stakeholder interests to achieve seamless execution.

We apply a highly collaborative approach setting out clear goals, commitments and operational guidelines for capital and developer members. Our projects are governed by comprehensive JV agreements with integrated risk and contingency provisions to manage unexpected capital needs and construction overruns.