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Startup Capital

Investment Approach

We are always on the lookout for ‘technology enabled’ opportunities enhancing or revolutionizing existing business practices. Berd Capital enjoys an extensive international network of technology focused private and institutional investors with whom it invests in game-chaining products.

Our startup capital funds are geared primarily towards technology companies active in the development of SaaS and traditional enterprise software, payment and financial transaction services as well as patented products with value add potential for major industry players.

Beyond Capital

Taking the business to the next level requires more than capital. At Berd Capital, we are more than investors. We partner with business owners and management teams to help them scale their businesses effectively. We employ the human capital needed to move startups forward in a strategic way.

Whether by enhancing investee’s public profile, fostering critical relationships or engaging in aggressive market development – Berd Capital is a committed growth catalyst every step of the way.