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Exit Management


Exiting a business is a complex process fraught with dozens of moving parts. It requires deliberate planning and a robust execution strategy run by a team of experts, trusted advisors and deal specialists to achieve desired outcomes.

Early planning is key as business value is optimized when an exit is proactive rather than reactive. Sufficient time is required for an exit management team to design a coherent communication strategy around the sales, to organize sell-side due diligence and to embed value in the organization – steps that will allow the seller to be in control when negotiating with potential buyers.

We work closely with shareholders defining exit goals and identifying relevant value drivers in the early stages, laying the foundations for a successful transaction within a reasonable timeframe. Our expertise spans across tax, legal, accounting and corporate advisory allowing us to effectively align buyer-seller priorities and to manage situations that may inadvertently affect the closing process.


Understanding the seller’s objectives is an important step to forging a buyer profile – an exercise complemented by analysis of external factors such as market dynamics, industry trends and competition. Strategic and financial buyers are often motivated by distinct considerations. While the former may seek synergies as a way to enhance an existing business, a financial buyer is more likely focused on shorter term investment goals. Hence, it is important to understand the buyer’s philosophy and attitude toward value, and to structure the deal accordingly.

We represent sellers at all levels in the exit process, helping them to develop sound financial projections, to assess viable structuring options with best outcome perspectives, and to form a stellar team to manage all aspects of a transaction. Our executive-level networks in the corporate world as well as private equity and venture capital allows us to swiftly access a large pool of potential investors in small and mid-sized companies. We engage prospective buyers in a multi-phase vetting process to work exclusively with best qualified candidates.


Managing the deal process requires a disciplined approach as it is by nature time-consuming and resource committing. We proactively shepherd the sales process, working with management team to line up internal resources and to prepare for rigorous negotiations and buyer due diligence. We advise and assist with the preparation of management presentations and descriptive materials to showcase company’s full value potential in credible and compelling ways. We equally explore relevant tax and legal alternatives for optimal deal structuring and support information flow between key stakeholders.

Time and resource-conscious, we adhere by deadlines and milestones to facilitate effective execution and decision-making by all transacting parties, moving the process confidently forward to closing the deal.

Finding the right buyer

We conduct a rigorous vetting process to identify and negotiate with best qualified buyers, creating a competitive environment and facilitating a transaction at optimal value.

Preparing for exit

We provide support in all stages of exit planning and preparation, from identifying sales objectives, valuation, seller-side due diligence to deal structuring and forming a stellar team.

Closing the deal

We proactively manage communication flow, courting potential buyers and representing the seller in negotiations in a controlled process – helping parties reach the handshake moment.