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Catalysts for Growth

Private Equity. Real Estate. Financial Advisory.


Berd Capital is a multi-disciplined investment firm focused on private equity and real estate investments in North America and Europe. We invest and co-invest through joint ventures and structured vehicles in a diversified portfolio of growth-oriented and opportunistic funds with short to long-term horizons. Harnessing the long-standing, versatile expertise of our partners, we also offer a wide spectrum of financial advisory services around mergers and acquisitions, including but not limited to exit management, strategic acquisitions, corporate restructuring and divestitures.

Values and Principles

Our vision and commitment to success are guided by deep-rooted values and a set of principles we strongly uphold in our daily work

Time is a precious commodity and we treat it as such, always. At Berd Capital, we strive to be agile, efficient and strategic when working with our investing and operating partners, clients and associates. We adopt speed in ways that do not compromise results and instead focus on harnessing the positive characteristics of a highly focused, driven and determined group of professionals with zero tolerance for procrastination.


We believe attitude drives performance. We are passionate about the work we do and have insatiable appetite for the knowledge and set of practices that make us more effective and successful in our undertakings. Being disciplined, accountable, respectful and committed to our objectives is a virtue we enthusiastically instill in our approach to teamwork and service delivery.


Integrity gives substance to our conduct linking it to our higher self. It is a set of actions, values, principles and expectations characterizing our work ethic. It nurtures consistency, reliability and authenticity in our relationships with partners and business associates. It underlies the common belief system for our team members to act with the highest level of professionalism at all times.


Actions speak louder than words. Results speak louder than actions. At Berd Capital, we continuously elaborate on new tools and strategies to empower our team to execute with speed and precision. Our drive for high performance underlies our commitment to apply cutting-edge knowledge, sound risk management and industry best practices to achieve and exceed our stated goals.


Creating value requires incessant motivation and curiosity to craft solutions beyond what the mainstream has to offer. We champion an ecosystem that encourages creative thinking, openness, a leadership mindset and shared responsibility – qualities that unlock one’s full potential to recognize and capitalize on opportunities in the most challenging situations.