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Financial Advisory

Enhancing value, growth, performance.

Exit Management

Strategic Acquisitions

Corporate Divestitures

Rewarding transactions

We know what it takes to build a successful business and understand the skills, talents and networks it takes to sell one for what it’s worth. At Berd Capital, we tailor-build an exit team with the industry know-how and strategy toolbox helping shareholders to achieve optimum deal outcome.


Catalysts for growth

Berd Capital is committed to growth and value enhancement in all of its transactions. Whether your company is seeking to boost performance, access new markets, fill a technology gap or impact the playing field, we source deals that make the most strategic rationale for your acquisition goals.


Building profitable portfolios

Divesting noncore, nonperforming assets for companies with entrenched cultures and systems is a challenge, yet often the only viable way for creating long-term value. Berd Capital works with businesses to identify and address drivers of costs making organizations leaner and more effective.